Bluegrass Princesses



Summer School Week 4 :

Little House on the Prairie 

The bad news was that the associates were NOT so big on the 2 episodes of LHOTP that they viewed... the good news was...

...EVERYTHING ELSE! We traveled to Wisconsin for a family wedding, read the first two Little House books, and saw the cabin in Pepin, Wisconsin where Laura was born. We also checked out my little house where I was born.

It was really cool seeing history, both Laura's and Mommy's, and we talked about how much easier traveling was now that there are roads and cars. Not to mention the girls sleeping overnight (3 times!) in a camper, having pudgy pies and ghost stories around a campfire, and visiting the World's Largest Talking Cow, we had a great week. 

Summer School Week 8 :

The French Chef!

The girls read books about Julia Child's amazing life, watched episodes of "The French Chef," whipped up recipes, and put on a lemonade stand to benefit a charity followed by a water balloon fight with friends! 

Summer School Week 7 :

21 Jump Street!

Police skills, social awareness, and joining an elite squad of youthful problem-solvers rounded out this exciting week of Summer School. The girls dealt with real life issues (for elementary students) and got to watch the k9 Dog Trials. We finished up with a movie party, popcorn, and "Zootopia." 

Summer School V

Summer School Week 9 :

Home Improvement!

This week was a delightful mix of laughter, sawdust, visits to hardware stores and more as the girls tackled a few projects on the honey-do list with their daddy.  

Summer School Week 3 :

I Love Lucy!

The associates really enjoyed Lucy's antics this week. They even created their own sitcom characters/pilot and we talked about logos and branding. 

Summer School Week 10 :

Saved By the Bell

From finding styles for our new school to school supply shopping to a back to school paint party with friends, we squeezed every last bit of fun out of summer!  

Summer School Week 2 : Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting! This terrific week was spent creating art (painting/drama/dance,) checking out art, and the relentless search for the happy little trees. We were blessed with beautiful weather and sites to paint. The girls would watch one show in the mornings while I hurried to get ready and it was amazing how the calm tones of Mr. Bob set us up for a peaceful day in the midst of our chaotic schedule that week.


Summer School Week 5 :


We enjoyed an action packed week of engineering, adventure, and creativity with paper clips. Not only did the girls watch several episodes of the classic series, but they created their own vehicle from assorted "junk" and paperclips, and designed their own MacGyver comic strip starring his kids, Mac & Guy, in a dramatic kidnapping recovery! 

The Andy Griffith Show made a fantastic inspiration for Week 1 of Summer School. We explored small towns in search of the perfect Mayberry. After careful exploration of Nicholasville, Lawrenceburg, Midway, Versailles, and Frankfort, KY... the results were carefully calculated and the winner is...


The search was quite an adventure and we saw some beautiful architecture, learned about small town history, tasted some gorgeous treats, and met so many wonderful people!

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Summer School Week 6 :

Trading Spaces!

This week was so much fun as we watched a couple of old episodes to gear us up for some charming redesigns of each other's bedrooms. They also had to write a journal entry about what it would be like if a girl from the past (American Girls Kit & Addie, and Laura Ingalls Wilder were their choices,) saw their bedrooms and what they would think. Not to mention creating art projects for their sister's space out of flea market/craft store finds. It was wonderful watching the girls' reactions to the care and consideration this project inspired.