Back to School Décor

Noon Year's Eve is a great party theme to translate a (sorta) adult holiday to kids. Using the same New Year party horns/hats to decorate the Christmas tree and make this fun tinsel wreath added to the holiday cheer. This year we added a cupcake battle to the mix and the results were messy and fun.

Upon RSVPing, each guest received a balloon filled with confetti and an encrypted ingredient they had to bring. (I used simple codes, little pictures, etc.) When they arrived, they were grouped into 4 teams and they had to combine their ingredients to make 1 delicious cupcake.

Then the countdown to noon was on as they worked together to whip up some fancy, creative cupcakes!

The judges based their decisions on taste, texture, creativity, and teamwork. The results were tallied and announced just before we pitched 43 confetti-filled balloons to the countdown at noon.  

Books have always inspired me, and they have the same magic to my girls. They redesigned our "library" in the playroom to show off their collection.

The colorful covers serve as decorations, which the girls change out as they deem fit (mystery books on a stormy day, the holidays, birthdays, we even used our Dr. Seuss books as decorations for my daughter's Seussical party  ) and the options are endless! 

The characters we chose for the READ letters on the wall were from the books we read most, over and over again when they were small and even a few recent additions. They are a timeless keepsake to capture these magical times when books opened whole new worlds to us with each turned page ;)  

Snowflakes in Winter

The Season of Thankful

​Costumes this year were made in a budget of less than $15. Using items we already had for our vampire (and adding some new 97 cent fangs!) and groovy glow in the dark painted t shirts for some cool preteen costumes, plus a felt/pipe cleaner spider that couldn't be any cuter for Little Miss Muffet to go with her curds and whey bucket. The spider can be pinned to any dress, so she can be fancy in a dress up dress or fun and funky in a Halloween tee and skirt.

How cute is this mantel décor? For less than $10, it can be yours! We found the little chalkboard clips, lights, and Trick or Treat sign in the Target dollar bins and twisted them together with sparkly purple and green tulle.

Have a palette taking up space and don't know what to do with it? How about a fun-filled afternoon of painting to delight your kiddos? We found a cute idea on Pinterest and formatted it for our palette to create some one of a kind autumn porch décor.

The wreath was created with an old Kohls wreath that was chipped and broken, leftover tulle, ribbons, and the cutest ghosties ever made by a very talented friend.

If you have a frame and a color printer, check out some fun holiday printables (there are dozens of free ones to choose from, just search on Pinterest.) Pick your favorite two and glue them back to back, then all you have to do is flip it November 1. Easy and adorable gift option that will be treasured twice each year.


Personalized Converse All-Stars

Christmas is in the air... and in the Playroom! When you have toys with sentimental value but they end up being clutter every other day of the year... consider making them ornaments! With some pipe cleaners and extra ornament hooks and a garland, my Bluegrass Princesses fashioned a gorgeous tree filled with memories of childhood.

The girls created the décor for this gingerbread/Paris kitchen tree with gingerbread men, painted spoons (picked up for a quarter at Michaels last summer) little whisks, bows, and a ton of creativity!

As I was cleaning out the playroom and found some favorite books beyond repair, we decided to turn them into Christmas ornaments for a book-themed tree in our office! We printed out covers from some of our favorites and cut up pages to place inside, glued some covers into frame ornaments we got on clearance, and cut strips of book pages to create a paper garland and lovely paper stars. This timeless tree will help us remember all of our literary favorites every single holiday season! 

Run for the Roses  Décor

Noon Year's Final Cupcake Countdown

I always love putting out our school supply decorations, they are so cheerful. By picking up extra school supplies when they are discounted after the rush, you can easily craft your own to enjoy each year.

Looking for the perfect gift for your child's teacher? Check out room signs and Limited Edition Fine Art for teachers in my Etsy store HERE

We got a head start on the Thanksgiving décor with this adorable reversible frame from Halloween. (Dollar tree frame+free subway art printed at home.) Just glue the signs back to back and swap it out the day after Halloween!

The girls had a craft afternoon with the various hodge podge of extra Fall décor that we have accumulated through the years. I absolutely love the little creations they came up with.

I found this palette turkey shape for 24 cents back in March. The girls picked what they were most thankful for and voila--an heirloom decoration we will look forward to every year!

Bluegrass Princesses



Book Art Takes Over the Playroom

Dream It Design Art 

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;) Julie

With no holiday décor between Easter and Summer to speak of, we were inspired by a friend to craft our way to the Kentucky Derby! All of the items were made with extra craft supplies or Dollar Tree finds (the hat too!) free printables (https://www.pinterest.com/jewel62803/derby-decor/ ) and of course a roundup of all of our plush ponies. What more fitting décor for the Bluegrass Princesses?

Ah, Converse All Stars, you timeless, beautiful shoes. Symbol of freedom and youth and individuality. 

Except so hard to find in unique colors. In your size.

Still, hope springs eternal, and I had Kohls cash, so I picked up a pair of plain white ones instead of the lilac colored ones I wanted (which were only available in England somewhere, at twice the price!)

Then a thought struck me. They're canvas, I paint on canvas...

Voila. Using two coats of multi-surface paint and a layer of fabric Mod Podge for good measure, my favorite shoes ever were created!

The only problem is that my kids are all begging me to paint theirs! Hm, maybe a fashion week in summer school? ;)  

I don't know about you, but I always feel a mixture of let down and relieved after putting up the massive amount of Christmas decorations we have accumulated over the years. Maybe for a day it is euphoric and clean... but then the kids return to school, then get off the bus and spread their backpacks/papers/etc. across the house and the emptiness just seems... emptier.

This year we combatted early-onset-decoration-depression with... SNOWFLAKES! By purchasing battery-powered snowflake lights/ribbon/décor at 50-75% off along with a spool of sparkly white tulle we came up with... SNOW! The associates creating a special snowy wreath and my oldest used her Paint program computer skills to mimic a sign we found on Pinterest and placed it in a Dollar Tree frame on our mantel.

​Happy Winter from our home to yours!