My oldest was very specific about her baseball party. Her daddy reserved a local baseball field and the party was on! The weather cooperated to give the kids a wonderful space to play a friendly (but competitive) boys vs. girls baseball game. There was face painting from her artistic sister, hot dogs, and even Cracker Jacks (located only hours before at the local Dollar Tree!) with a very cool baseball necklace, some baseball cards, Big League Chew gum, and Baby Ruth favors, not to mention the favored flavors of Skittles and Reece's Cup cupcakes to enjoy. It was laid back, "cool." and a perfect way to welcome my sporty daughter's 10th birthday.

Another over the top party. We invited both classes of my two oldest and EVERYONE came. We had a blast (and a full house.) Read the break down of this epic party here.

The Dr. Seuss theme was perfect for my daughter who was turning 3. The decorations consisted of our entire collection of Dr. Seuss books, a few streamers and balloons, and foam cutouts I painted of characters (which I donated to the Kindergarten teacher to reuse each year on Dr. Seuss's birthday.) There were so many fun ways to incorporate the Dr. Seuss theme but my favorite had to be the girls in costume and the last can of Who Hash (a label I printed out from online and wrapped around a can of beans I had.)

Cowgirl Party

The girls watched a lot of Tom and Jerry episodes while we lived at my parents' while building our new home. My 5-year-old waited patiently until our home was completed to have her 5 1/2 birthday party instead. Using primary colors for the decorations along with a few of the characters painted on foam board, the games were all Dollar Tree inspired. I made an obstacle course with hula hoops, pool noodles, traffic cones, balloons and duct tape which was a hit. The "Bomb Tom" game was a Dollar Tree bucket and ball with a bit of yarn hot-glued in it. Using plastic eggs with candy in them and mice drawn on with a Sharpie, we had a lovely Mouse Hunt in the playroom. The Cat Food was my husband's inspiration and it was delicious!


Pink Dragon Party

So ever since my youngest had this epic moment she has adored narwhals. This seemed a challenging and original birthday theme and we had a lot of fun with it. My friend made the beautiful invitations and another friend made the plush narwhals for the favors. We had so many kids RSVP that the associates and I had to make a few additional favors--not being in the skill set of my talented friend we concocted a more simple narwhal plush for the toddlers (no buttons,) the felt narwhal notebook holder for older girls, and little clay narwhals in bottles for the little boys (they thought this was the coolest, and the girls had such fun making the tiny sculptures!) All of were inspired from creations on Etsy and Pinterest. The sugar cookies were made with a tulip cookie cutter with one of the "lips" nipped off. We played "throw the ring around the narwhal horn" and "narwhal ball" for less than $10 using rubber balls, poster board, paper plates and party hats. The party went... (wait for it...) swimmingly.  I would recommend this theme for anyone looking for a unique party idea ;) This party won Honorable mention at : check it out here.  

Alice in Wonderland Party

Fairy Tale Party

This is a girl who knows what she wants. And she wanted a pink dragon cake. We only had 3 little kids coming over, so it was easy to throw together games with items we already had. The back deck was turned into an obstacle course : toss the frog prince into the bucket, hula hoop in one shoe like Cinderella, fall asleep on the stack of pillows in the chair that sat atop a "pea" (rubber ball wrapped in green streamers,) fight the knight with the foam sword, crawl through the "cave" (table with balloons hanging under it) and rescue your own dragon. The plush dragon they got to take home with them. The treats were dragon themed, and the princess got her pink dragon cake :)

Clue Party

Baseball Party

The Goosebumps Movie was a source of inspiration for my 9-year-old's birthday! Using a little creativity in some colorful notebooks, I designed stories starring the guests facing off with a monster that would destroy the town if not stopped--each of the girls had to face a game to "catch" the monster (bookmark) and place them in their story that they had to write the end of. The games were inspired by some "Minute to Win It" games. The girls were total rock stars, and after catching their monsters, they went ghost hunting around the gardens of the historic Liberty Hall before returning to our house for pizza, monster cake, and a Goosebumps movie viewing. This party won Special Mention at

Art Party

Dr. Seuss Party

Encyclopedia Brown Party

Party Time

My second oldest is very artistic and an art party was the natural choice. The invitations were watercolor sets from the Dollar Tree. For decorations I used streamers, balloons, and paint sample cards. Each of the girls received a Dollar Tree apron, a beret made from a headband and tissue paper, and the outline only Mod Monogram . I took darling photos of the girls in their artsy garb before we started painting. The after photos were pretty adorable as well, the girls were crazy about their paintings and so proud of having made them. I was really impressed with the creativity the girls had. After pizza, they received a cupcake on a palette and decorated it with the sprinkles/chocolate chips/etc. that surrounded where the paint usually is. Art+friends+cupcakes=one awesome party. This party won Special Mention on : Check it out here.

Alice in Wonderland was a PERFECT fit as a party theme for my 7 year old. We had a ridiculous amount of fun coordinating this party. The associates are getting older and more than willing to help, so I set them to work coloring signs and putting together their own costumes, as well as testing out games. There was just so much to work with using this theme! Flamingo Croquet was a blast, also the girls created Wonderland Memory by putting hand drawn illustrations of Wonderland characters on the fronts of oversized playing cards, painting the roses red using red icing on flower cookies, and a photo booth with Alice in Wonderland props... and the favorite was a Look and See Scavenger hunt for Wonderland Creatures! There were Horn Ducks, Pencil Birds, Mome Raths... it was wild. The party guests ended up adopting all of the crafted creatures and taking them home along with their party favors. It was a great day :) 

(see party on 

My little one enjoyed the cowgirl theme in her handkerchief dress made by a friend. The Old Western town was created by painting boxes that morning and the Wanted sign doubled as a photo op with adorable results. The kids enjoyed a stickhorse race and basically lived in the little town of boxes and had a ball. The cowgirl hats I picked up for little cost at Hobby Lobby and used the extras inverted to hold treats. The favors were created out of little burlap bags, jelly beans, and Dollar Tree plush horses along with a sheriff's star. I used additional stars to tuck the table cloths up decoratively and the overall effect was cute and color-coordinated..

Minnie Mouse Baseball Party

My oldest wanted her own birthday party for a change. And something historical and challenging. And she loves The Goonies movie. (She has excellent taste!) This once-in-a-lifetime theme had to be handled properly. Researching history in our town, I stumbled across two ghosts and a scofflaw and created a treasure hunt with a bit of bakeable clay painted like artifacts from the Goonies movie, a journal, a treasure map, and a love letter/newspaper article to tie it all together. The girls had a blast traipsing through downtown in matching "Goonies, Y'all" shirts and uncovering clues and the treasure. Then we headed home for Rocky Road cake, Baby Ruths, Mama Fratelli's "water" and Sloth cake pops, along with a viewing of the movie. After the sleepover involving very little actual sleep, we enjoyed Mama Fratelli French Toast Bake and Mama Fratelli Frappucinos for breakfast the next morning. The girls each had to record their adventure in the journal before they went home. This party won Runner Up on : Check it out here.

My little girl loves monkeys. She has dozens. So we used them as decorations, along with streamers and the turkeys that were already in place for Thanksgiving. The sign on the front door read "Welcome to the Jungle. We've got fun and games." The parents appreciated the Guns 'n Roses reference. We had a photo booth, and nearly everything there was made with Dollar Tree items. The monkey favors, also Dollar Tree, each guest got to name on a tag around the monkey's neck. The photo booth was a lot of fun and the kids had fun posing with their monkeys. We also played monkey in the middle, find the banana, feed the monkey (with banana scented rubber balls) and ate our weight in Monkey Munch (aka Chex Mix) and banana cake.

Goosebumps Party

Narwhal Party

We invited some friends over to send summer out in style! My husband cut out wooden shapes of apples and pencils and each guest selected one to paint. The kids had a terrific time designing their back to school décor, and after photo evidence of their creativity, they enjoyed a festive apple cupcake. So long Summer, it's been grand!

Despicable Me Party

Tom and Jerry Party

Bluegrass Princesses



These girls were OBSESSED with Willy Wonka for over a year before this birthday party. We definitely went overboard with this one. Having repainted the cabinets the week before in the 100+degree heat, the hubs was literally screwing on cabinet doors while I baked and decorated the cake on my stove which was in the middle of the kitchen. The invitations were wrapped around Hershey bars. I created a candyscape out of old Easter and Christmas candy and decorated with movie quotes on cardstock all over the house. With chalk, I created 3 of the character themed games on our privacy fence in the back yard. Will have to cover this one in a blog, because it is quite possibly the most overboard one can go with a birthday theme. This party let me know without a doubt that I am a bit unbalanced when it comes to birthdays ;)

My two oldest have birthdays 9 days apart. The Minnie Mouse Baseball theme was a combination of their choices. It turned out pretty cute! The shirts were made with iron-on baseballs and numbers, sticky felt and bows. The favors were from the Dollar Tree. The baseball baskets I found after Easter for very little cost. The associates and their guests had a ball. ;)

Encyclopedia Brown was the theme of my daughter's 8th birthday party. When the guests arrived, they met "Encyclopedia Brown" and "Sally Kimball" (played by my oldest daughter and her buddy,) who provided them with Detective ID's (they drew a silly word like quick, soccer, apple, etc. and added their favorite animal--Sunny Flamingo/ Soccer Elephant...) and little notebooks and pens. Then they had a mystery to solve! Images of the suspects along with their fingerprints were on the lineup wall. It was a wild time! The kids had a blast locating the missing birthday bear and identifying the culprit. They also created small paintings with their fingerprints and colored ink, dined on magnifying glasses (oreos on pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate) and guessing the cake flavors. It was no mystery that everyone had a great time!

Willy Wonka Party

The Despicable Me movie was a favorite of my girls and we had more fun than is probably legal with this party theme. From the decorations to the games, nearly every facet was directly from the movie. We had the space invader game, pin the tail on the "so fluffy" unicorn, and my favorite "Assemble the Minions" using Dollar Tree sponges, sticky felt and everyone making their own minion friend. My husband bent wire to make a cookie robot and I even found a Coconutties template to print out and fold. Plus, the girls played their parts perfectly. The star of the show, however, was not the cake or the birthday girl or even the minion cupcakes made with the last box of Twinkies sold before the company went bankrupt, but the Box of Shame.

This theme was selected based on the cute cake design. Bumblebees were an adorable way to encapsulate my youngest daughter's first year. The photo garland of her first 12 months of life was a fun walk down memory lane and I painted old baby food jars like bumblebees and filled them with jelly beans. The cake was honey cake with honey buttercream and the entire party was just...wait for it... too sweet.

Fairy tales were the theme of this super fun party for a 5-year-old! From a magic beanstalk made from pool noodles, to breadcrumbs and a magical cake, to Snow White's non poison apple punch, this party was a hit with the guests. We had an obstacle course set up by my oldest associate, Fairy-oke singing, Wishing Well charades, and a photo booth with handmade props set the tone for a magical birthday. It won special mention on

Back to School Paint Party

Bumblebee Party

Goonies Y'all Party

Monkey Party