Have you ever received an owl inviting you to a one week Hogwarts course study of magic? Or had a mystery to solve every day that you read a Sherlock Holmes story? Or unlocked the key to a local historical legend in a Goonies-style treasure hunt? Have you ever found Wonders in your town or cleaned up a park to a Lorax riddle or created hugs for kids who really need them? How about baking mustache cupcakes to raise money for charity or feeding a calf or painting a ceiling on the underside of a table like Michelangelo?

Welcome to the world of the Bluegrass Princesses!

We write stories, bake, create art, and help out

the world around us. Because fun and

learning are kind  of the same thing!

Run for the Roses Decor...

Putting away my paints for the day to focus on editing a story and catching up on housework.

It's my oldest daughter's birthday, how could she possibly be 11 already? 11 years ago today I was starving and thirsty and nervous as can be heading to the hospital!

"Dream big and enjoy the journey."

Top Chef Week...

"Where there is kindess, there is goodness. Where there is goodness, there is magic."

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party...


On an unrelated/related

note, that was the very last day I had a completely clean house!

Birthday shenanigans, the smell of cleaning products, story edits, and a mountain of laundry--here I come!


;) Julie