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Family photo : through the looking glass.

I love a good fairy tale as much as the next person. But there is a formula for fairy tales that can be misleading for impressionable minds. The “happily ever after” factor.

Ever after… what?

Because what makes a story magic isn’t the happy conclusion. It’s the unique conflict the protagonist endures. Although the words “happily ever after” are probably programmed in our vocabulary before we can recite the alphabet, it is all of the chaos, strife, laughter, and tears that give it meaning.

Though there is not a well-coiffed villainess/villain or mythical beast to contend with, life does have its share of evil forces in different forms. All we can do is to keep fighting the good fight, teach our children to never give up, and not judge one another. For everyone is battling their own adversary and we cannot know each other’s struggles...

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Willy Wonka style birthday party : create.

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