"Choose love and don't ever let fear turn you away from your playful heart." Jim Carrey


Harry Potter Week Revisited...

Don't forget to tell the munchkins and that hot husband of mine I love 'em.

Eat a piece of chocolate. It's my long run today!

           :) Julie

Begin the day being grateful for the day before.

Hot coffee and a fresh perspective go so well together!

Pick ONE project to complete today.

Tom and Jerry party on a dime...

Have you ever received an owl inviting you to a one week Hogwarts course study of magic? Or had a mystery to solve every day that you read a Sherlock Holmes story? Or unlocked the key to a local historical legend in a Goonies-style treasure hunt? Have you ever found Wonders in your town or cleaned up a park to a Lorax riddle or created hugs for kids who really need them? How about baking mustache cupcakes to raise money for charity or feeding a calf or painting a ceiling on the underside of a table like Michelangelo?

Welcome to the world of the Bluegrass Princesses!

We write stories, bake, create art, and help out

the world around us. Because fun and

learning are kind  of the same thing!

Foolproof recipe for inspiration...